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Pergolas with adjustable blades. Natural outdoors, all year round

They are the best expression of technology in the field of sunshades, able to combine design, comfort and exceptional sustainability qualities, allowing to reduce the environmental impact of open air living, but also the polluting processes, result of emissions and energy consumption. Pergolas with adjustable blades are cutting-edge structures, designed following the principles of bioclimatic architecture, that support the well-being of the individual and of the surrounding landscape, constantly searching for natural bright and thermic comfort. The cover with adjustable and retractable blades of these models uses indeed elements such us sunlight, wind and air recirculation to obtain the best weather conditions to enjoy the space of the pergola all year round. All this thanks to a fully automated control, functional optional and a high quality design making the structure suitable for any use.

1. Bioclimatic pergolas with sunshade blades

Mosso bioclimatic pergolas with sunshade blades are made of resistant and renewable materials–first of all aluminium, steel and glass – making the structure long lasting and fully recyclable at the end of life. Sustainability which is applied also to coating processes: the pergolas with adjustable blades can be customised with the 38 colours or with nuances on demand, all of them are zero-impact and are obtained using nontoxic and not polluting materials, whose waste recovery is the 97 per cent. Nevertheless, the main ecological footprint of Mosso bioclimatic pergolas with sunshade blades is the innovative cover allowing not only to benefit from a perfectly sheltered and comfortable space in terms of climate, but also to enjoy the space without being concerned about energy consumption and lighting costs, air conditioning and heating, which are considerably reduced by using use of natural sources.

This is the first place allowing to live the outdoors in every season and under any weather condition, since the sunshade blades of the pergola close completely and, in combination with perimeter glass walls – sliding or fixed–, protect the indoors. However, the contact with the outdoors is still guaranteed: tempered glass closures, water, air and wind resistant, guarantee indeed a panoramic view, even in smoky grey, burnished and mirrored versions; the last one is able to give even more privacy, thanks to the reflecting surface which makes the space of the pergola with adjustable blades impenetrable to external gaze.

All in all, at night, you can create the perfect atmosphere, thanks to the perimeter LED lighting, adjustable in intensity and colour, and to the Spot Lights and Quadra Lights with warm light, integrated into blades.

Opera bioclimatic pergola with adjustable blades and Quadra Light system

2. Pergolas with adjustable blades

Among the different types of bioclimatic pergolas, those with aluminium retractable blades, having the advantage of adjusting the inclination of the cover from zero to 140 degrees, with many intermediate options. This technology is designed to modulate direct and indirect lighting, according to the sun orientation and the intensity of the wished light. In case you need more shade, the cover is closed and the perimeter is protected by drop-down awnings, integrated into the horizontal profiles of pergolas with adjustable blades, with a thickness of 22 centimetres only. Not only, the blades degree of openness creates air recirculation, which differs depending on needs. In this way, even a small opening lets in a pleasant breeze and fresh air.

Aerial view of Opera bioclimatic pergola modules with adjustable blades

3. Pergolas with retractable blades

For those who wish a complete opening of the place instead, the best solution is the pergola with retractable blades. In this case, blades can move back to uncover the space even towards the sky: retractable blades slide with a flowing and silent movement, thus overlapping by taking a small amount of space and almost vanishing in favour of the surrounding landscape. This innovation is particularly effective to obtain even more versatility from outdoor places, which can find in pergolas with retractable blades, the perfect combination between protection and opening. A feature especially recommended for spaces such as terraces, rooftop and small gardens, whose surface is completely covered by the pergola and which need a structure with movable cover.

4. Automation of pergolas with blades

Managing blades motion as well as drop-down awnings and lighting is simple and intuitive.

Automations of pergolas with blades can be managed by remote control, from one to five channel, wall-mounted or available in the portable version. If you wish to coordinate all the functions of the pergola with adjustable blades remotely, an innovative home automation systems which can be activated by App on smartphones or tablets (compatible with Android and IOS): an advantage also for those who already have a home automation system, since Mosso systems are compatible and can be integrated with existing ones. A new feature in the field of pergola blade automations is Google Home and Amazon Alexa, which allow to create different open-air scenarios using your voice. A simple voice command is all it takes to adjust the sunblades, retract the awnings or set the lighting. These automations can be also activated by weather changes. Each bioclimatic pergola with sunshade blades can be equipped with weather sensors, that react immediately and independently to wind, sun, snow and sunlight intensity, thus sheltering the interior space of the pergola and preventing it from potential damages.

Brera pergolas with automated retractable blade handling system

5. Variable blades’ depth

Pergolas with adjustable blades are custom-built for each project. Self-supporting, wall-mounted or installed in niches, they are characterised by tailored dimensions: the width of the pergola is indeed calculated with millimetric precision, while the depth is variable depending on needs and has a tolerance of one centimetre. The variable blade depth system offers the unique advantage of being able to create your own pergola in the ideal size for the installation context, without being limited by the depth linked to the pitch of the blades, which are 20 centimetres wide. This solution can be applied to all models of bioclimatic pergolas with sunshade blades and also in case of configurations with several modules placed side by side.

6. Obstacle sensor

Among the standard functions integrated into our pergolas with adjustable blades is the handy obstacle sensor. This system guarantees the safety of the structure, and in particular of the roof, by detecting the presence of obstacles when the blades are closing. The sensor thus blocks the movement and protects the blades from malfunctioning.

7. Water discharge

Even in case of rain and bad weather, it is always possible to benefit from the unique comfort of the pergolas with adjustable blades. They are perfectly sheltered thanks to blades’ closure, which allows rainwater to run off into the gutter system integrated into the horizontal profiles and uprights. Fully hidden, the water drainage system can be installed on any type of floor bracket, from standard to telescopic, which can be adjusted in height by up to five centimetres. For each self-supporting module, at least two water discharges are provided and at least one more for each additional side-by-side module. The water drainage has several positioning options: front, side and floor. All three allow the water to run underneath or outside the pergola, preventing any infiltration. Finally, to avoid the accumulation of any residual rain, the sunshade blades – when reopened – maintain a fixed angle of 30-45 degrees for a few minutes, allowing for a complete drying.

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