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Private Residence



Rome, Italy





An apartment located in the historic centre of Rome and a large terrace overlooking the wonders of the Eternal City: the ingredients of an amazing architectural renovation masterfully managed the Indoor/Outdoor continuity that makes the newly designed spaces beautiful, comfortable, surrounded by natural light and open to the beauty of green and cared spaces.

The large outdoor terrace is an authentic wellness space: large in size, surrounded by greenery and equipped with a Brera pergola with retractable blades that allows to modulate the ventilation and panoramic view according to the personal needs. The terrace changes its face, becoming a natural extension of the house thanks to the bioclimatic Brera pergola that integrates perfectly with the architectural style of the building and at the same time is equipped with every technological comfort: the Brera roof can be easily managed by remote control or with a dedicated smartphone app. The integrated LED lighting along the perimeter profiles allows to enjoy the terrace during the pleasant evening hours of summer and mid-season.

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