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Living & Dining Outdoors

The outdoors is valued as a way of bringing people together, and one of the best ways to enjoy and appreciate the great outdoors is by creating the perfect bespoke space right in the heart of it for you and your loved ones to enjoy.


In a fully customised dining area featuring a bioclimatic pergola, AV systems, heated flooring and drinks bar, friends and family can experience food and company in the midst of a unique outdoor setting.

For a complementary feature alongside an outdoor dining area, or even as a space on its own, why not consider a living area as well? With modular structures that can be completely personalised, you can turn any outside area into a chic, elegant, simple or even dramatic space to unwind in during the day and night, and with our range of durable and practical external furniture, a relaxing and comfortable living space can be right on your doorstep–literally.


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